Read real testimonials from real patients at Modern Dermatology & Cosmetic Specialists in Lexington, London, and Richmond, KY.

Service: Fuller Lips

“I couldn’t be happier with my Restylane injection! The corners of my mouth tend to turn down slightly, making my top lip thinner than the bottom. I wanted something very subtle that just added a bit more fullness, something that I could see a notable difference with but would look very natural to others. Kris M, the PA-C, was fantastic. She made me feel very comfortable and was reassuring that the look would be subtle and natural, and not ‘duck-lipped’. I absolutely loved the result!”

Service: Laser Hair Removal

“Laser hair removal was wonderful! Like numerous women, I have facial hair around my chin, mouth, and side-burn area, and had suffered through waxing, plucking nightly, and trimming. If you have facial hair growth as a woman, I don’t have to tell you how much of a burden it is and self-confidence killer it can be daily. I had the full 6 sessions and starting after the second session, I noticed the hair had stopped growing (80%), and the remaining hair that came back was thinner, finer, and softer than it ever was before. By the fourth session, the hair had stopped growing completely! I recommend going for the full 6 sessions that are 6 weeks apart. This way the hair follicle is sufficiently killed so no hair can grow. I couldn’t believe how affordable it was, not to mention how much I save without waxing! Not painful at all, feels like someone is snapping you lightly with a rubber band. Very very pleased and have recommended to many others!”

Service: Improving Skin – Texture, Tone, Dryness, Eczema  and Rosacea

“I had a series of 3 Artic Peels with Janie, the CSC R.N. She is fabulous!  I was looking for a laser with minimal downtime, that didn’t require numbing or any special prep and something to really even out the texture and tone of my skin. I am 30, and have a bit of rosacea along with dryness and sometimes eczema. I was really worried my rosacea and eczema would flare and cause a severe reaction but Janie was very reassuring and adjusted the laser to a lower setting due to my skin type. She was even able to avoid my ‘beauty mark’ mole so that it was not lightened in the process. I was so pleased with the results! I love the baby-soft texture of my skin after, and the very glowy complexion you have for several weeks after. I noticed that makeup went on more evenly and smoother for a better finish. I love the staff of CSC, a variety of very affordable services and exceptional quality. I have even recommended to a co-worker who just went in for her second BBL treatment!”

-Amelia O.

Service: BBL Laser Treatment

“The staff was courteous and efficient and my skin looks great after my laser treatments!”
-Jen R.

Service: Botox Injections

“I was really bothered by my wrinkles around my eyes when I smiled. The wrinkles were made worse after an eye injury after being hit with a softball. Botox injections smoothed out these wrinkles and I was so surprised that the injections didn’t even hurt! Cosmetic Specialists are the best!”
-Susan D.

Service: Lip Injections

“I’ve thought about getting lip injections for a long time and I’m so happy I came to Cosmetic Specialists. I’ve always had big lips but I’ve noticed that over time they were getting smaller. I wanted my lips back! Having lip injections at Cosmetic Specialist was so easy and I was so happy they numbed my lips beforehand because I barely felt a thing. They really listened to what I wanted. I’m a repeat customer for sure!”
-Amanda A.

Service: Laser Hair Removal

“I love how I haven’t had any hair under my arms to shave in years!! Thank you, Janie!”
-Ann S.

Service: Dysport

Janie, I can’t thank you enough for how kind and helpful you were to me. You saw me in August and did Dysport injections on me. You were so kind and you really put me at ease. It means a lot that you let me bring my baby back also. The Dysport went great! I barely felt anything and I’m seeing great results. I’ll definitely be back when it wears off. You and everyone at Cosmetic Specialists were so kind and I thank you!!!!! I would recommend you to anyone. I hope you have a blessed week!
-Tina H.

Service: Botox and Filler

Please know how much I appreciate your skill and kindness; the procedures (filler and Botox) elevated my self-esteem as the signs of aging have dissipated. No one really noticed but everyone said that I looked great and rested. You are the best and I will be a lifelong client.
-Lisa S.

Service: BBL Laser Treatment

“I was so surprised how affordable, fast and pleasant my BBL laser treatment was. Now my skin looks amazing!”
-Angela S.

Service: BBL Laser Treatment and Dysport

“Janie was amazing. Not for a moment did I feel uncomfortable. She explained everything to me and helped ease my fears about the upcoming procedure. I was apprehensive about changing my look, but as promised it didn’t change my look simply enhanced it. I feel years younger!”
-Elizabeth F.

Service: Laser Hair Removal

“I needed a more permanent solution for unwanted hair. After just 2 treatments with Kris I noticed a huge difference! I love how smooth my skin feels and I feel more confident and can’t wait for my next visit!”
-Tessa E.

Service: Laser Hair Removal

“I was so tired of seeing thick dark hair even after I shaved. Laser hair removal has fixed my problem! I’m so glad I did it.”
-Cindy C.

Service: Dysport

“I love coming to Cosmetic Specialists! My Dysport injections make me look 5 years younger!”
-Angela S.

Service: BBL Laser Treatment

“I’m so pleased with my BBL procedure. It removed the red spots and made my skin glow. It is convenient being able to just put on tinted moisturizer and go without makeup!”
Stacie W.

Service: Dermatology

My daughter struggled with acne for so long and it was really affecting her self-esteem. Modern Dermatology was so great with her! They got us in right away and were so patient with her. Her skin looks perfect now!
-Cindy C.

Service: Lip Injections

“I had such small lips and was looking to make them bigger without going overboard. The staff at Modern Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialist really listened to me and my lips look so natural now. I love them!”
Mallory B.

Service: BBL Laser Treatment

“The staff was amazing! They were so knowledgeable, caring and friendly. I was also amazed that I saw some results after just one laser treatment for my brown sun spots.”
-Amie B.