Spider Vein Removal for Face and Legs

Sclerotherapy for spider veins


Spider veins in the legs are removed through a process called sclerotherapy. In sclerotherapy, a very small needle is placed into the blood vessel. An asclera or hypertonic saline solution is injected into the vessel that causes it to collapse. For the best results, we require that our clients wear compression stockings for 3 days continuously and while they are up and about for a two-week period. It can take up to 12 weeks to see the improvement, and clients will generally see a 40% to 80% improvement. It’s important to avoid the sun while the vessels are healing for optimal results, and a second treatment may be performed after eight weeks. To keep your legs looking their best, it’s best to have maintenance done every year.

Is there a treatment for broken blood vessels (telangiectasia)?

We have lasers designed to treat broken blood vessels on the face and the body. Using the 1064 ND:YAG laser or the broadband light laser, we’re able to remove the unwanted vessels. This process generally takes up to 3 treatments, followed by maintenance treatments 3-12 months apart. The ND:YAG 1064 laser is safe to use on all skin types. After treatment, the area may be raised and take on an appearance similar to a cat scratch for up to 3 days. These lasers can also be used to treat cherry angiomas with very little discomfort.

For these laser treatments, we require that you avoid sun exposure for two weeks prior and two weeks after.


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We know skin! We are the leading experts in skincare for both dermatology as well as cosmetics in central Kentucky. With the most advanced degrees and over 130 years of combined experience in skincare alone, we know it from top to bottom. Most Medical Spas or Med Spas do not have the professional experience, in fact, they have minimal training before working on patients. With us, we have some professionals that have worked with skin for over 40 years. Don’t trust your face with just anyone because it is difficult to hide mistakes but trust the skin experts at Modern Dermatology of KY & Cosmetic Specialists.

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We are a working physician’s office and as such we are held to a higher standard.  We provide the highest level of safety and care for our patients. Our patients are always our number one priority.

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We also have the most advanced proven treatments! Modern Dermatology of KY & Cosmetic Specialists works rigorously to provide our patients with the latest, safest, most advanced treatments available on the market. Other Medical Spas or Med Spas use outdated procedures which are initially cheaper but require more treatments – costing the patient more time & more money. We believe our patients come first and deserve the best. Which is why we are committed to giving the best service, the best treatments, and the best overall patient care!

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