Ron P.: Tumescent Liposuction

Ron came to Kentucky Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists with a desire to lose stubborn fat that just wouldn’t shed with diet and exercise. After his wife had twins followed by triplets 15-months apart, he gained 30 pounds and couldn’t shed the weight quite like her. Ron had a complimentary consultation with our fat-loss experts and decided that Liposuction was the best treatment plan to lose all of the weight that he had gained. Ron now has lost all of his unwanted fat and can feel comfortable and confident in his own skin! His satisfaction with his liposuction results is through the roof and he couldn’t be happier!

Service Details

“Family and friends have been in overwhelming support and are a bit jealous from my results, to say the least. The experience that Cosmetic Specialists provide from the time that you walk in from the time that you are completely done is fun, friendly, professional, and you couldn’t find anyone better to do it!”

- Ron P.