Susan D.: Botox and Dysport

Throughout life, many of us inevitably accrue signs of aging. For Susan, her smile lines (crows feet) were the main concern. After getting in a softball accident (oops!!) those lines worsened and the wrinkles bothered her even more. When coming to Kentucky Dermatology and Cosmetic Specialists, Kris Moghadamian, PA-C, knew that Botox was the perfect treatment for Megan to treat those pesky lines that wouldn’t seem to fade. Megan’s Botox results show our maximum results with minimum discomfort!

Service Details

“I was really bothered by my wrinkles around my eyes when I smiled. The wrinkles were made worse after an eye injury after being hit with a softball. Botox injections smoothed out these wrinkles and I was so surprised that the injections didn’t even hurt! Cosmetic Specialists are the best!”

- Susan D.