Our Take on Dissolving Filler – Kylie Jenner Has Gotten Rid of Her Lips

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Over the weekend, the world-famous celebrity for her plump lips, Kylie Jenner, has confirmed that she got “rid” of all of her filler.

kentucky dermatology dissolve filler

As the internet has taken to be more shocked by this change than they were with her pregnancy, we are here to weigh in on what the process entails. It is rare that we ever have to use our filler dissolver, Hyaluronidase because natural augmentation is typically the look that our patient’s desire and we never want anyone to look overdone. Dissolving any filler should always be the last resort, as there are complications and can be a risky procedure.

Jenner’s lips were injected with a filler called Juvederm Voluma, which is a denser filler that is typically used for the cheeks. When injecting the lips, our expert-providers usually use softer fillers to give a pillow soft pout. The great thing about hyaluronic acid based fillers is that they can be dissolved if the patient is not satisfied with their result. It is crucial for potential filler patients to research their provider’s expertise and experience so that removing filler won’t be necessary.

Dissolved Filler

Removing filler begins with using Hyaluronidase, a natural enzyme that our body produces that breaks down hyaluronic acid. Most fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is why they only last for so long because your body breaks them down over time. If there is ever any reason that you want to de-plump your look, this enzyme can be injected into the area to dissolve the filler within 24 hours. Our office usually only uses Hyaluronidase in emergencies because it does come with risks. There are risks of allergic reactions and a small chance that the lips could go even thinner than anticipated.

In Kylie’s case, our office would use a slow and steady approach to removing her filler, since she has a lot of filler injected. In the photo, you can see that all of her filler isn’t gone, and we’re eager to see if she opts to have every drop of filler removed.

Kylie’s injected lips have definitely been the center of attention in the media for a couple of years, and we have a feeling that Kylie Jenner’s famous mouth is about to be a game-changer for the aesthetics industry, yet again. Our expert medical professionals are here for you during your cosmetic journey, whether you want the new or old Kylie look. We happily offer Complimentary Consultations at our Lexington location. Call to schedule at 859.276.2556!